As well, IF YOU GET A CRASH, then HOLD DOWN the power button on your iPhone for several seconds to actually turn it off. Then turn it on. This will clear out the RAM to let the app run!

Now, in with the show!

This is the most compact and powerful X-Plane we have ever created. We have combined the airplanes from X-Plane Racing, Airliner, Extreme, Helicopter, Glider, and more from the iPod, iPhone, and iPad into ONE app. X-Plane HDEF-4G has all the resolution and power and graphics of the iPad compressed onto the 4. This, coupled with the code being optimized for the iphone 4 processor and graphics, results in a more tightly detailed and hi-speed app than we have ever seen for any mobile platform… ever.

With aircraft carriers, air combat, F-22, B-1, B-2, X-15, SR-71, A-380, Boeing 787, and countless more airplanes all represented with accurate flight dynamics, and over a dozen flying areas, and near-infinite weather conditions available, the power of this app is simply mind-boggling.
What’s new in Version 9.65
A whole bunch or REALLY EXCITING new planes!

We now have the Concorde SST: Mach 2 in a machine that is not that small!
This plane requires some seriously good descent-planning, since it has no speedbrakes or flaps!
You better be on your game for the decent to manage your pseed and altitude all the way down!

The XB-70 Valkyrie. Google it. This thing is STUNNING. It actually makes the Concorde look low and slow!
This plane has small flaps and canards, which help a good bit with the approach and landing!
Google “canard’ as well, if you need to.

A fascinating new helicopter: The Chinook!
The Chinook is a fascinating, nice-flying machine.
This helo uses differential collective for aircraft pitch! As you command nose down, the forward rotor decreases it’s pitch, and the aft rotor increases it’s pitch, pitching the craft down, and vice-versa. This is different from all other helos, and results in a very nice pitch-response.
As well, this craft uses differential cyclic for yaw! This means that to rotate the nose to the right, the forward rotor tilts to the right, and the aft rotor tilts to the left, resulting in vehicle rotation. The yaw-response that results is slow, but adequately precise.
The Chinook tilts BOTH ROTORS together left and right to roll the aircraft.
Go to the AFT view and enter pitch, roll, and yaw input to SEE the resulting movement of the rotors! Cool!
Of course, all of the dynamics specified above are accurately simulated in the app.

New helicopter: Cobra:
This thing has so much power that the throttle never gets to the stop no matter how much collective you add!
Yah, that is a pretty good dose of power!

New plane: C-130.
This plane has a really nice flap response!
The tail is situated in the downwash from the flaps such that the nose up tendency from downwash exactly cancels out the nose-down tendency from flap-deployment,
resulting in almost no change in pitch with flap deployment… a pretty darn nice design!
As well, the big props give a good solid low-end SHOVE for nice take-off performance, and plenty of DRAG to DECELERATE when the power comes OFF.
At first, we did not think the C-130 would be such a great plane for X-Plane extreme, but it turns out to be a pretty nice-flying plane!
Anyone should be able to fly it into very small runways after just a bit of practice, as is commonly done with the real airplane.

OK we threw a fuel-gage on the HUD as well.
Don’t run out of gas and crash.

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